Hate Tinder? Malta Welcomes Facebook Dating 🤍❤️


It’s 8 months late, but Facebook Dating has finally come to Europe (and Malta too). That’s right, The Zuck has decided to take on Tinder too, because he’s got to take on every app, right? Anyway, it was intended for a 14th February launch but got pushed back due to GDPR. Apparently, those are still a thing. Also, never take someone out for a first date on Valentine’s Day. It’s a recipe for awkward.

How it works

Matches will be suggested to you based on your preferences, interests and Facebook activity. You’ll be able to send a “like” along with a message to profiles you encounter on the app. As regards people you’re already friends with, you can express your interest in up to 9 friends or Insta followers. If you match, you’ll receive the best notification of the day. Or your life, who knows?

The best bit? It’s free of charge, free of ads and free of in-app purchases, keeping the focus on the conversations. Nice.

Safety is paramount

There’s also a safety feature where you can share your plans with family and friends. They’ll know where you’re headed and at what time, and you can also share your live location. Pretty nifty, indeed.

Who’s using?

Tinder holds a unique position in the dating app world, where most users kind of tolerate it. With other dating apps not quite living up to expectations, Facebook’s Dating service might just be the injection of freshness we need.

So who among your friends need to know about this? Get tagging, and get matching!