Guest Post: Dana Farrugia On How Helps Businesses Lead In Disruption


Digitalisation has been brought by the constant developments and updates made within every technology area. This has imposed a lot of benefits on businesses. However, some may deem digitalisation as a challenge in organisational operations and, above all – leadership strategies and styles. The question is, ‘How does one lead in technological disruption?’

Stay informed & updated

Keeping up with emerging technologies has become necessary for businesses to stay informed about changes Industry 4.0 is imposing on organisations and beyond. Changes may vary from operational procedures, administrative techniques, machinery, business strategies and might even be a reason for tech businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

Upskill & reskill is key

To succeed in the post-pandemic economy, businesses must invest substantially in digital reskilling and upskilling over the next three to five years—and regularly assess their progress and requirements as their sector evolves. Indeed, a recent Gartner study reported that 58% of the workforce requires new skills to perform their job. The first step is to identify where your present methods and skillsets are deficient.

Build a tech-based culture

Essentially, a tech-based culture is one where technology (mostly software) is utilised to help businesses grow and expandGood work culture is already a competitive advantage for tech businesses; however, technology plays a critical role in workplace culture building.

Three Ways Technology Is Transforming Company Culture And Employee  Engagement

Businesses would want to adopt a digital culture because technology has altered the way people live and expect to engage with companies.

Through technology, collaboration and communication are made more efficient. Thus, the culture-building process becomes easier, and the employees feel more empowered and productive – whether they are working remotely or in-office.

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