Gozo To Get Its First Reverse Osmosis Plant


By the end of the year, Gozo’s first reverse osmosis plant will be fully operational, providing the island with around 9,000 cubic metres of water every day. The project, which is at 70% completion, was unveiled to the public via a press conference attended by Energy Minister Miriam Dalli, Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri and Parliamentary Secretary for EU Funds Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi.

Ending dependency on Malta

Providing this volume of water will end Gozo’s dependency on Malta for freshwater. Addressing viewers and attendees, Camilleri explained how most of the original 60s structure was restored while the rest of the equipment was being installed for the reverse osmosis project.

“Works are progressing at a good rate, so much so that, as Minister Dalli informed me, they’ve entered the final stages,” he said. “This multi-million project is part of a series of projects embarked upon by the Water Services Corporation to strengthen infrastructure, and aid the provision and distribution of water around our island”.

This way, not only does a dilapidated structure get a new lease of life, but it now carries the highly important function of distributing water around Gozo.

€11 million investment

Minister Dalli thanked the Water Services Corporation’s staff for their quality work, but also explained how one ministry for energy and water also ropes in sustainability.

“We need to be efficient with how we use resources…and in everything we do, we must ensure that we are being sustainable,” Minister Dalli said. The investment of €11 million will provide Gozo independence in terms of water sources, and with the latest technology being used, it’s also being done sustainably.

The project, co-financed by European funds, is located in Qala and falls under the management of the Water Services Cooperation.