Got Ideas For Energy & Water Efficiency? Grab Your Funding Here!


The Energy and Water Agency has been entrusted with the development of Malta’s National Strategy for Research and Innovation in Energy and Water, and in a bid to achieve this, they’ve issued a call for innovative projects whose objectives address water & energy efficiency!

Options are two-fold

The scheme calls for participants to address one of two things:

  1. A national policy priority or challenge in the energy and water sectors; or
  2. Economic competitiveness and growth in a variety of national sectors, from an energy and water perspective.

Though it needs no further saying, water and energy are two objects that we completely rely on. What does need further reiterating, however, is that these need careful attention. This is why the National Strategy continues seeking further support research and innovation work in energy and water, in line with the country’s views of decarbonisation, sustainability and affordability.

This strategy also builds on existing strengths and addresses current gaps, identifying high-level priority areas for R&I activities for the next decade.

How to apply

The selection and funding of proposals under this scheme is competitive-based. The focus is on projects at oriented-basic research and applied research to the experimental design stage, that is projects at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 2-6, with a duration ranging between eighteen and twenty-four months.

R&I application process infographic

Target projects may fall in a range of disciplines, from engineering and natural sciences to social and behavioural sciences, big data and artificial intelligence.

There are seven overarching topics as priority areas for support. Preference for financial support will be given to the highest-scoring proposals within these priority areas, with no order of preference of these areas.

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