GO’s TOKIS: One Year, 4 Million Views – Celebrating Malta’s Exclusive TV Channel for Local Content


As GO marks the end of the first schedule of its very own television channel, TOKIS, which serves an exclusive library dedicated to Maltese television content,  it’s time to celebrate the astounding success it has achieved since its debut on September 30th, 2022!

With over 4 million views and an average of over 155,000 daily viewers, TOKIS has firmly established itself as one of Malta’s most-watched channels, ranking among the top four. Alison Mercieca, the Senior Marketing Manager at GO, proudly stated, “Today, our platform is operating 24×7, delivering non-stop entertainment to our valued customers.”

Thanks to a successful launch, the channel is now gearing up to unleash a lineup of electrifying productions, guaranteed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats as early as this September!

Immerse yourself in the captivating music show ‘Boomers’, where legendary Maltese singers will infuse contemporary songs with their timeless talent, or get hooked on the gripping CSI-inspired drama series ‘Persuni Rapurtati Nieqsa’, as a team of dedicated investigators tackle complex cases head-on. 

If those aren’t for you, you can engage in thought-provoking discussions and connect with fellow viewers on the compelling talk show ‘Il-Każin,’ hosted by the one and only Jon Mallia. And for those seeking a dose of laughter, get ready for the hilarious sitcom ‘Il-President,’ featuring the charismatic Peppi Azzopardi as the humorous President of Malta. 

With a commitment to enriching each viewer’s experience, GO has invested €1 million to commission over 1000 hours of captivating Maltese drama productions. These exclusive shows are a testament to GO’s passion for promoting local talent and showcasing the vibrant storytelling that Malta has to offer. 

As Alison Mercieca further emphasised, “TOKIS is set to go down as a significant milestone in the evolution of Malta’s television history.” Antonio Ivankovic, GO’s Chief Commercial Officer, also expressed their pride in being a reliable provider of high-quality content in the Maltese language, preserving the country’s heritage, culture, and language. 

With an investment of €3 million over the last three years, GO is committed to delivering what their customers want to watch. They have taken note of viewers’ preferences and expectations and will continue to provide new and exciting content that reflects their desires.

As the next schedule approaches, TOKIS is prepared to bring even more thrilling productions to its loyal audience. Season two of Mejta biex Ngħix, Spettur Leonard, and Luna will resume, along with season three of Noli and the fifth season of Ċaqqufa. 

With GO’s commitment to investing in their TV content, they continue to deliver an exceptional entertainment experience that keeps viewers coming back for more. So, buckle up and stay tuned for the exciting journey that awaits on GO’s TOKIS Channel.