Google’s Monopoly is Set to End


The latest twist in “The World VS Big Tech” has arrived, in the shape of the US government suing Google for abusing its dominance to preserve itself at the leading search engine. Google is of course labelling the case as “deeply flawed”, but the California-based company is facing similar charges in Europe too.

This ain’t a game

To say that Google has a monopoly over the Internet search landscape is an understatement. The company’s name has also become a verb, such is their dominance. The issue lies with how they’ve reached that status since their humble beginnings of 20 years ago.

Competitors do not pass Go, do not collect $200

Each year, Google pays billions of dollars to various tech firms to make Google the default search engine on its products, such as mobile phones and browsers. The lawsuit states that, “Google has thus foreclosed competition for internet search,” because if it’s already the default option, people are less likely to want to change it.

But don’t people use Google anyway?

Technically yes, but it’s still not fair on the competition that Google uses its immense wealth to buy out the playing field. Google’s argument however is that people choose to use their services simply because they developed with a customer-first mentality. The repercussions of this case could be huge, especially for the remaining Big Tech members of Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook.

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Whether this has been pushed forward by the Trump administration with the impending elections in mind is up for debate, although they deny such involvement. Whoever gets it done, it’s about time someone really took on these giants in the name of a fair fight.