Google Stamp – Another Stories App?


Another Stories App?

Whether you like it or not, “stories” like content seems to have made quite the hit. With all social platform leaders like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook jumping on the wagon it seems like this specific type of content is here to stay.

New to the race is Google who are planning  on launching a way of sharing media called “Stamp”.

The Wall Street Journal suggests that Google are already in contact with huge publishers such as Vox, Media, CNN and Time. Google are going to be launching the platform within the next two weeks. Their platform is inspired by the very platform they tried buying this year, Snapchat.

The platform is going to also be built around their accelerated mobile platform (AMP) that optimises web pages for faster loading. This platform could serve as a way to quickly share news in a clean and organised way. Videos, photos as well as text can be implemented into the article. These types of articles may eventually be put into action within Google’s search engine results in order to make this experience quicker and smoother.