Go Chat ‘Em Up: Customer Support On WhatsApp


Variety is the spice of life, and what’s spicier than contacting customer support? The PTSD and flashbacks are real when we’re told we’re going to be put on hold. What will it be this time – minutes or hours? Some have seen day turn into night, on hold, listening to elevator music on a phone as the sands of time trickle by. Finding out that it was an easily solvable issue makes it even more unbearable, but Go is now offering an alternative!

Chat Away!

Adding WhatsApp to their media of communication takes the strain off Go’s own customer care team, but there’s another bird this stone hits. That’s right introverts, we’re talking about you. There’s no need to call, as you’re first put in touch with a chatbot which is designed to handle easily resolved and common issues. You’ll communicate by entering the different numbers as prompted, and should the matter not be solved by the bot, you’ll be passed through to an agent who will directly handle your request. Check out our feature, where Rachel had an enquiry of her own to make.

So, you can see for yourself just how quicky and easy it is to use – including the switch to customer support agent, all messages were replied to immediately. Scan the QR code from your computer screen, send a message on +35679707970 or use the WhatsApp web app, and you’re on your way.

Tag a friend who would rather message than call to resolve an issue, or someone who’s still on hold to this day.

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