Gmail’s Getting A Refresh To Increase Productivity ✔️


Google announced a major Gmail redesign to increase productivity across all of its other apps like Docs and Sheets. Basically, it’s set to become the new home for project planning and collaborating with others. Here’s what’s up.

The command centre

Given the success of platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, it was only a matter of time before Google looked to follow suit, and the major surprise is that it took so long. Gmail will serve as the command centre for all of Google’s currently separate productivity apps, but will do this for all versions of Gmail, and not just business-type accounts.

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Apparently though, the biggest challenge will be adding in Spaces, a new feature similar to Slack channels. It will let people chat, swap files and edit Google Docs in real time without switching tabs. If there are any paying members reading this, Spaces will replace Rooms in your version.

Welcome though these additions may be, it would have been nice to see them added sooner, particularly when working from home was in its initial boom. Though hybrid working is expected to remain popular, having these features added at the tail end of the pandemic means Google might have missed a golden opportunity.

Google also announced a new subscription service for smaller-scale entrepreneurs, called Google Workspace Individual. The plan is intended for individual business owners who’ve used Google products like Gmail or Drive to build their business but want to move up to access a few of the company’s premium features, like customer support.