Getting Creative With Corona!


What with new measures being introduced over the weekend and tonight’s Budget 2021 coming up, there’s plenty to occupy your mind. Having said that, COVID-19 has brought out our creative sides in a different way, which is why we’re in love with these two songs!

Wear a mask, guests included

The Disney classic Beauty and the Beast gave us the iconic “Be Our Guest” tune, but it has been given special COVID treatment, aptly renamed to “Wear A Mask”. Put together by Noah Linquist, you should totally check out his YouTube channel. He’s also covered “On My Own” from Les Misérables and put a social distancing twist on it!


Nessun Dorma is THE iconic aria that no matter your understanding of classical music, you’ve surely heard before. Here it is, remastered in a bid to both make us smile as well as give us hope that we celebrate when it’s truly over…not because cases are going down. Being his neighbour must have been fun too during the practice runs!

Are these tunes to your liking? Or maybe you’ve got some Corona-inspired creative work of your own you’d like to share? Get in touch via the comments!