Get with the ’Gram UPDATE: 6 More Things You Didn’t Know About Instagram


Just in case the tips we here at Gadgets provided last time around weren’t enough, and you’re looking to take your social media game to the next level, here are ten more cool things you can do with Instagram.

1. Unsending DMs

If it just so happens that while scrolling through a chat with one of your potential love interests, you accidentally send a message, all is not lost. You can quickly and sneakily unsend that message by holding it, and tapping unsend when the prompt pops up. If they were scrolling through the chat at the same time and the message is seen, you can still unsend it, but it’s probably too late. But hey, maybe they were scrolling through the chat because they’re into you too. Glass half full, you know?

2. Removing Spam Comments

Ok, we all want more engagement, but sometimes we get weird comments from profiles with which we have absolutely nothing in common. While some of these automated comments can be harmless, others may try and use your posts as free advertising. In order to stop this, simply long-press on the comment and choose from “Report this comment”; “Mute…”; “Restrict…” or if you really have to, go ahead and just block the person.

3. Liked Posts

Have you ever liked a post but couldn’t remember who posted it? Well, rather than spending your time browsing through all the hundreds of accounts you follow trying to find that one pic, in the Account tab under Settings, tap on ‘Posts You’ve Liked’ to reveal all the posts which you’ve liked in the past. You may not want your significant other to know about this feature though, so keep it on the down low…

4. Hold on Story to Mute

Is there someone you follow who’s stories look like an endless stream of dots? Well, if you don’t want to outright unfollow them, you can simply hold tap on their story and select the ‘Mute’ option. From here you can choose whether to mute their stories or mute both their stories and posts. This is a great option if you don’t want to risk being unfollowed by that person but get annoyed when their story keeps popping up at the top of your list!

5. Hiding Activity Status

Sometimes we just want to browse through our feed and enjoy memes without feeling compelled to reply instantly. Sue us. In the Privacy tab under settings, tap on ‘Activity Status’ to turn off that little green button that pops up next to your name when you’re online. Side note, when your status is turned off, you can’t see whether other accounts are online or not, meaning you can’t get the best of both worlds. Hey, who said life was fair?

6. Business Profile for Insights

Curious about how many people have viewed your story? Do you want to know how many people have shared your posts? Switching your profile to a business profile gives you engagement insights that normal profiles don’t provide. And the best part is that nobody needs to know. You can choose whether or not your business profile is displayed, meaning the option is there for those of us who want to operate under the radar.