Get with the ’Gram: Surprising Instagram Tips We Recommend


Instagram is the third most popular form of social media in the world, and while it may not be as big as either Facebook or YouTube, it’s a lot hipper than both. While it’s beloved by the ever-trendy Gen Z’s and Millennials, it’s quickly being adopted by Gen X-ers and Boomers alike. It’s also versatile. You may just want to brag about your latest attempt at ramen, but Instagram can also be used as an effective marketing tool.

Thing is, how well do you know it? Whether you’re a newbie to the ‘gram, or serial-scrolling Insta-junkie, here are 4 cool tips we bet you didn’t know about. 

1. Instagram Recommendation

Whether you’re a wanna-be influencer or business, you probably want as much traffic to your profile as possible. If so, then there’s a vital step you need to take that can only be done on the desktop version of Insta. So pop down the phone and dust off the laptop. Go on Edit Profile, and scroll down. You’ll find a checkbox marked ‘Include your account when recommending similar accounts people might want to follow.’ Make sure it’s checked for maximum views. This works both ways: if you uncheck the box, Instagram wont recommend similar pages when people are looking at yours.

2. View Story Reshares

If you’ve created a killer Instagram story, and want to track it as it becomes a viral hit, there’s a great feature to help. Just find the post in your feed, and click the  three little dots at the top. If there are any Live Story Reshares, you’ll be able to view them. This way you can see exactly who is helping you break the internet.

3. Limit Ad Tracking

We’ve all had that spine-chilling moment…you’re chatting with your bestie one day, and then find yourself getting Instagram ads that are spookily relevant to your supposedly private convo. It’s all a bit too Black Mirror. Well, no need to live in a Netflix-funded dystopia anymore. If you have an iPhone, there’s  a very handy feature which allows you to Limit Ad Tracking. Go on Settings,  hit ‘Privacy’, and scroll to bottom. You’ll see an option that says Advertising. Click it, and you’ll be given the option to Limit Ad Tracking. This will help make your Instagram experience feel less intrusive.

4. Clear History

Looking into anyone’s Search History is like opening a Pandora’s Box of shame. When you’re bored, it’s easy to scroll through some dumb, naughty, or cringeworthy stuff… and, of course, visiting an ex’s account is always a temptation. If you feel you need a clean slate, or are worried about a nosy partner checking in, you can always clear your history. Go on Settings, then click ‘Security’.  Hit ‘Search History’ and you can clear all of your past indiscretions. Don’t worry, no judgement.