Get 3 Months of Free Office Space with Gadgets!


Calling all Creative Startups!

Are you looking for a modern office space to suit your needs? And how does 3 Months Free sound?

That’s right! Gadgets are looking to share our office space with new companies, or even freelancers, working in creative areas, such as design, web development, or marketing. Best of all?  We’re offering a generous three months rent-free.

You’ll get a comfortable meeting room with ample desk space, as well as a chill out area for downtime.  

We’re accepting offers for 2 Year agreements. 

Being creative is a lot easier when you can get your team together in one place!

So ditch the webcams, and come do adulting properly in an actual grown up office.

Contact us now, before you lose the chance! We can’t wait to make awkward small-talk with you in our kitchenette!