Geeky ways of saying I love you


It’s getting’ hot in here – Valentine’s Day hot – and the heat is on to express your feelings of love to that special someone. Flowers? A ring? (maybe too soon after just two weeks of
dating), a romantic dinner? Or maybe, it might be a good time to rethink our traditional ways of saying I love you and let technology help us in expressing those three words. Here are our top picks of saying I love you – the tech way.

Spotify Playlist

If you’re a person of few words and are looking to be old-school romantic in a techie way,
this is the perfect way of saying I love you – the mixed Spotify music playlist. Create a
playlist with romantic songs which you and your significant other can relate to and share it
with them – or better still – play it in the car while you’re on your way to a romantic date

Send it in an SMS

SMS is ideal if you’re looking to send those important three words to your loved one in a
private way – ironically this messaging system never gets old. It has the ability of sending a message in a way that isn’t lost amidst other digital notifications unlike so many other
messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Email.

Geocache App

If your Valentine loves adventure, organize a Geocache gift treasure hunt. All you need to do is hide your loved one’s gift in a remote location and your partner will have to navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates to track it down using the Geocache App – a hunt
guaranteed to impress any outdoor enthusiast.

Say it on Fortnite

The trendiest online game Fortnite has created a set of romantically-themed skins which can be used for gaming characters on Valentine’s day. Two skins have been revealed: a be-
winged, toga-wearing statue-man, and a human-sized female punk bear which can be used
to create an online lover’s paradise. So, if you’re into Fortnite, there’s no better way of
showing your love for your significant other than through your avatars.

‘I love you in’ in Klingon, Elvish, Dothraki

Is your loved one into Star Trek, Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones? Impress them with
your new language skill-set and say ‘I love you’ in Klingon (QamuSHa), Elvish (Gi Melin) or
Dothraki (Anha zhilak yera norethaan). Or go a step further and dress up as your partner’s
favourite sci-fi character while you say it – bear in mind this could make or break the

I love you – in Binary

Say I love you the Binary way with noughts and ones for your super mathematical crush and you’ll never be forgotten! The code can be sent over a text message or even via email – or better still, post it on their Facebook wall for permanent visibility.

Still unsure on how to express your love for your Valentine? Don’t get too bogged down on
trying to impress – just be yourself and the magic will happen by itself for your happily ever after ending.