5 Games in the Steam Summer Sale That Can Run on a Potato

Potato PC

I did say that there are more good games on sale in our last article on the Steam Summer Sale. These are a few more recommendations to people who maybe don’t have a powerful machine.

FTL: Faster than Light

“We do not accept surrender”

FTL Faster than LightPhysically impossible for me to make a “best games” list without mentioning this. Since I already spoke about it in the last list about the Steam Summer Sale, consider this a bonus entry.

Darkest Dungeon

“You remember our venerable house. Opulent and imperial.┬áIt is a festering abomination!”

Darkest DungeonThis is my latest obsession. Darkest Dungeon is about reclaiming your ancestral home from the corrupting evil that lurks underneath the ancient manor. You recruit adventurers of different skills and different quirks. During your skirmishes, you will fight unholy beings, corrupted humans, and twisted monsters alike.

The game lets you know at the very beginning that it will not be easy. This is about making the most of a bad situation. The combat itself is turn-based and can be very unforgiving, especially on harder difficulties. Unlike most games, your adventurers are not unstoppable forces. They will bleed, they will feel stress and they will break. Adventurers will die, and some will be broken shells that need to be dismissed. The goal is to build a group that is Strong enough, and brave enough to venture into the darkest dungeon. And Return.

Invisible Inc.

“Operator, are you there? Good – I was worried you didn’t make it out”

Invisible IncIt’s the year 2074, and Corporations have overthrown Earths governments (what else is new). You are part of a spy agency called “Invisible”. After a raid by the corporations, only 2 agents and their handler escaped. Before escaping, you managed to save “Incognita” an AI that helps find security flaws to exploit. You have 72 hours to steal as much money and supplies for a final all-in assault on the corporations’ central hub.

Because this is the future, different agents have different cybernetic augmentations. This gives them different skills and very different strengths. Something you need to remember is that you’re a spy agency. This means that you have no chance in a direct confrontation with security forces. Consider your moves, and stay out of sight.

Papers, Please

“Glory to Arstotzka”

Papers, Please

One of the hardest games to explain on this list. You’re an immigration officer, and you need to process passports. At the end of a day, you need to pay the rent and pay for food and heating for your family. Yes, I’m aware that this sounds like the most boring game in the history of ever, but bear with me.

For every person you let through, you’re given money. You can make 2 mistakes without being penalized, after that, every mistake will lose you money. The first few days, it’s pretty simple “Only accept passports from Arstotska”. But in the next few days, you’ll start being handed work permits, identity supplements, vaccination documents. You need to process these as quickly as possible to earn as much money as possible.

Throughout the game, a few moral dilemmas will crop up. Will you accept the woman with the expired passport to reunite her with her husband? Do you detain the drug dealer who offers you a bribe larger than what you would earn by detaining him?

Into the Breach

“Here goes…Jumping to another timeline”

Into The BreachThis game contains giant monsters, saving the world, and time travelling mechs. What I like about this game is that victory isn’t achieved by killing every Vek on the map. You are the one who’s desperately trying to beat them back. All you need to do is hold out for a set amount of turns. Your job is to protect the buildings, which provide power for your mechs. If you lose enough buildings, you have to abandon the timeline and try again. You know what they will attack, and in what order they will attack.

Though honestly, if “Time Travelling Mechs” wasn’t enough to sell you on this game, then nothing is.

The Stanley Parable

“This is a story of a man named Stanley….”

The Stanley Parable is a game that I find difficult to explain. This is because I feel any detailed explanation would ruin what makes this game so brilliant. It’s more of an experiment of what video game stories are capable of, rather than a video game in a traditional sense. And finally, “The Narrator”, voiced by Kevan Brighting, is where most of this game’s charm lies.

If you’re unsure, play the demo first. Just trust me on this one.


Which one will you be picking up first? Was there anything we missed? Let us know in the comment section below.