Gadgets will be Switching to Remote-Working


With social distancing measures being loosened, it’s time we ask ourselves what we, the Gadgets team, have learned over the course of this unique period. 

If it has proven, above all, that with today’s technology, working from home is perfectly possible. We have been doing it for over 60 days now, and we have managed to keep busy creating quality content. We even created one of our most popular series: TechAway

Nadya, our production manager, loved the change, and has noticed great results: 

“Working from home helps with our concentration, resulting in more productivity. I really believe that balancing working from home and from the office is the best solution. As a company, we always want to be one step ahead of the curve, so we hope to set a trend with this.”

Of course, we miss being together, and our lovely TV studio. But the lockdown has opened our eyes to the benefits of remote working. We’ve therefore made the decision to switch to a 3-day office week, with 2 days working from home.

Karl, our Sales Executive, feels this is an important step:

“I’m very proud to be part of a company that is one of the first to take such a decision after COVID-19. Shifting a lot of meetings online helped me a lot especially since my job requires a number of meetings daily – both internally and also with clients. I am now saving a lot of time that used to be wasted in travelling from one location to another, also contributing to the traffic problem in Malta.” 

This will help reduce one of Malta’s biggest problems: the amount of cars on the road. We’ll cut down on the exhaust pumped into the air each week. We’ll alleviate the dreadful parking situation we’re in. We’ll do our bit to lower the noise pollution that makes us reach for panadols. Apart from that, we’ll generate far less office waste. 

Before the pandemic, the greatest crisis we faced was global warming and the devastation of our environment. These problems have not gone away, and it’s our responsibility to act.  

Martina, company director and presenter, sees this as the silver lining to coronavirus : 

“It not only showed us that remote working is possible. It showed us that we, as a nation, can act together to help solve a crisis. Now, let’s do our bit to help the environment, and make sure something good comes out of this pandemic.”

“We hope other companies will be inspired to do the same. Together, we can achieve incredible things. GO, Farsons, PWC, BOV and to the rest of our friends: this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, to create a new Malta. A greener Malta. A country where people have more time to be creative and less reason to be stressed.”

Let’s do this!