Gadgets Tries “The Perfect Way To Make Tea”


Making a nice cuppa should be a simple proposition. Teabag in mug; add hot water; milk if necessary; sugar if wanted. Tradition would probably have it in that order (maybe switching the last two steps?) but a professor from Leeds University suggested mixing it up should lead to the perfect cuppa…

Like a true Gadgeteer

The proof of the tea is in its drinking, which is why Gadgets’ very own Nadya opted to try this below process.

You can check the videos out on our Instagram stories, or have a quick look through the process below!

Maybe…just maybe…too much milk was added. Another 3 teabags couldn’t change the consistency probably.

Behold; the face of someone about to do something they know they will regret, but persevere in the name of science and taste. Like a true Gadgeteer.

And it looks like Nadya suffered a flashback of her worst cup of tea…which has probably been replaced by this. Her final verdict?

Do not try this at home. Or anywhere else for that matter.

The face says it all…