Gadgets To Air On Thursday Prime Time Slot Throughout Summer!


Gadgets will be airing on TVM every Thursday during the prime time slot at 9pm throughout the summer months.

The first show will be broadcast on Thursday 7th July 2022 and it kicks off in pure summer style with the Gadgets crew using Għadira beach as their studio!

And while Rachel and Ian were hoping to be able to chill, their hope for an easy filming session was short-lived as they were given a challenge for Plastic Free July; and what’s more, they got to test their balancing skills and tried surf-up paddle boarding!

The programme features a variety of other interesting and entertaining content – from the Top 5 TikTok videos of the week, to some fun facts about Elon Musk, who recently celebrated his 51st birthday, the legacy of video games, esports, and also Rachel driving a Porsche in Sardinia! All this and more on the Gadgets show on TV.

Make sure not to miss it! Every Thursday at 9pm on TVM!

And that’s not all, as Gadgets Shorts (five-minuters) will be airing on TVM every Tuesday and Sunday 7.45pm. Tune in!