Gadgets Proudly Supporting Pitchora: An Initiative To Reward Malta’s Brightest Startups


“Startups are the perfect breeding ground for innovation”, Martina quite rightly says when talking about the upcoming collaboration between Gadgets and Pitchora. So, what’s in store for Malta’s most creative business minds?

An opportunity like no other

Back when Martina and Rachel were opening VSQUARED, they had nothing like the current opportunities for guidance and funding. “We followed our hearts to open VSQUARED and Gadgets”, Martina revealed, “but we must admit that we did face struggles and hardships and we would pounce on any opportunity that meant we could promote who we are”.

If you’re asking yourself what Pitchora is all about, it’s a competition exclusively for startups. It gives a platform and shot at glory for creative, innovative and disruptive startups an opportunity like no other.

The winner will receive access to a startup incubator, seed-funding, premium business player access, networking opportunities and plenty of other forms of financial and non-financial support.

With all of this in mind, Gadgets will give Pitchora’s winning startups this kind of opportunity. Not only do we strongly believe that startup entrepreneurship can develop unique products or services, but we also feel we can help out by staying true to the name Gadgets.

A gadget is a tool that offers a solution to a challenge, and we’ll be giving space and exposure to any notable startup on the island that has an innovative concept and that needs a voice. By extension, we support similar initiatives, which is why teaming up with Pitchora felt so natural.

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