What’s In Your Favourite Personality’s Bag? Gadgets’ New Online Series Is Here!


They say there’s a story behind everything and everyone – and that includes what we choose to carry around with us on a day-to-day basis. A bag can say a lot about someone’s personality. From the high fashion to the high tech, Gadgets is about to take a peek inside some of our favourite local celebrities’ bags.

What’s In My Bag?

Say hello to Gadgets’ latest online series: ‘What’s In My Bag?’, where we ask people to open up their bags (and hearts) to us. Whether it’s a local activist, personality, musician, or a fellow tech giant, we’ll be prying into different personalities’ bags, gadgets, necessities, and inevitably, their psyche. 

Get a chance to look into your favourite personality’s bag

What’s the story behind their choice of bag? Why do they carry a book everywhere they go? What’s their go-to snack? And why do they swear by their latest gadget?

Get a chance to look into your favourite personality’s bag – from Carina Camilleri to Bjorn Formosa, Matthew James Borg, Denise Dalton, and many others.

What’s In My Bag will be out on Gadgets’ online platforms every Wednesday at 9pm. Stay tuned!