Gadgets Launched a New Online Show


We are super excited to launch our new online show Gadgets Fidgets. The first
episode, presented by Daniel Kingswell, went live on social media on Thursday at

Gadgets Fidgets from GADGETS on Vimeo.

During the show Kingswell will be given a gadget he’s never seen before and will
have to suss out how it works. He might not get to the bottom of its inner workings
and the audience will witness his trial and errors live on the show.

Online Gadgets Show

“We always want to give our followers more and more, and with the exponential
growth in social media, we knew that launching an online Gadgets show was the
right move,” said Gadgets director Martina Zammit.

“We wanted humour, we wanted change and we wanted to fidget. As a result, we
came up with the idea of Gadgets Fidgets and who better to present this show than
our very own Daniel Kingswell – he is the perfect fit,” added Martina.

Super Excited to Explore Gadgets

Kingswell is notorious for his YouTube videos. At the office, he’s a constant fidgeter
and the Gadgets team felt the role as presenter of Gadgets Fidgets was very fitting.
“Anyone who knows me, has a good idea of how I react to things. My aim is to bring
that same kind of energy, although a bit more censored from my norm,” said
presenter Daniel Kingswell.

Daniel is super excited to explore gadgets which he’s never dreamt of testing. He is
also looking forward to exploring the different tech live on air for everyone to
experience and enjoy with him.

If you have a gadget you’d love to get Daniel to review, get in touch with us. We’re
also on the lookout for new faces who want to become part of the small screen, so if
you think you can be in front of the camera, drop us a line.