Gadgets to get you through today’s predicted Hailstorm


Malta, very rarely has bad weather. Although when we do, the weather gets in the way of way too many things.

Here are a handpicked set of gadgets to get you through a rainy Friday in Malta:

  1. Bicycle with a built-in Umbrella
    Do you love cycling enough to brave the rain and go ahead with your routine?
    A bicycle with a ready mounted umbrella will allow you to go ahead with your 2-wheeled journey.
  2. Corsair Flash Survivor
    This ultra-secure flash drive can be submerged completely up to 200 meters and is both vibration and shock resistant! Hopefully you will never need to witness such adverse conditions, although knowing that your data is safe could give you peace of mind.
  3. Waterproof Portable Speaker
    This portable speaker with booming sound allows you to blast tunes while commuting to work without worry of water damage.
  4. SeaWag Waterpoof Case
    Don’t let the rain stop you from using your smartphone. Be it a rainy day or a quick dip at the beach, this case turns your phone into a waterproof.
  5. Water resistant Laptop Sleeve
    A laptop sleeve that is lined with a scratch-resistant and water resistant lining to keep your device dry and safe.