Gadgets Approved: Working from Home


We’ve come a long way since May when we had spoken briefly about working from home, its benefits, and the importance of having a work routine even at home. Now that most offices have made some days working from home obligatory, we’ve got some tips to help you ensure you’re all prepped, sorted and rock your shirt and PJs look on the laptop screen.

Webcam & Headphones / Earbuds

Honestly, it’s underrated how important these are, simply because there’s a camera built into our laptops along with a microphone, but let’s face it, top quality they are not. So, if you want to look and sound professional on your next Zoom meeting, you can invest in this pair from Xiaomi available at Scan. The Xiaomi Mi Webcam 1080P comes with a built-in mic and noise cancellation tech, and is full HD, whilst the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Basic Black Earbuds are your new best buds that won’t burn a hole in your wallet while offering great performance.

Bring the Noise

Some of us reach peak performance with some tunes either in the background or blasting as we blitz through task after task. If you’re in a room alone, why not treat yourself to some quality sound? JBL’s FLIP 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker at Ultimate provides the bass to your working guitar solos, can run for 12 hours at max battery, and is also waterproof for up to 3 feet of water. You know, in case you’re working from your bath.

Hindsight is 20/20

Interrupted Internet connections are the tech equivalent of punctures on your work commute. Likewise, it’s always important to have a spare. GO’s Wi-Fi key ensures that should your home Internet fail, your work doesn’t need to stop. You can connect multiple devices at once, and no software installation is required.

Don’t Learn the Hard Way

If you’ve not got cloud space available, your drive is going to fill up very quickly, so again, backup should always be at the ready. Klikk has got a whole host to choose from, ranging from 2TB to 12TB. The price varies accordingly, but save yourself the trouble, because there’s no price for lost work.

Bright Idea

As much as it’s essential for setting the mood, if you can’t get any natural light in, then invest in a desk lamp. This funky lightbulb from Homemate will brighten your day with some vintage aesthetic, whether it’s on or off actually. Bo Concept has got some quality and snazzy-looking desks that match perfectly too…

Before we go, honourable mentions go to printers for urgent business, multi-USB ports to avoid wire tangling, and robot cleaners working away silently as you crush your work-from-home gig.