Gadgets Approved: Ear Gear Under €50


With so many types and brands of ear gear around, it’s easy to get lost in all the noise. That’s why here at Gadgets we’ve narrowed the list down to 5 Bluetooth-powered headphones and headsets under €50. We’re basing our rating on working distance, battery life and sound quality.

And always remember: whatever appears on the Gadgets Approved column is unsponsored content and straight from the heart.

Philips SHB3060

For €49, you can get yourself a Bluetooth headset balanced sound that’s not too bass focused. However, the battery life of 11 hours is decent, though not the best on the market. Working distance of 15m is pretty handy if you wander around at some point!

Battery life: 6/10

Sound quality: 7/10

Working distance: 9/10

JBL Tune 500BT

Coming in at €49 too, you’ll get 16 hours listening time from one charge. The level expected from JBL is not all there, and 10m working distance is not extensive, but honestly, why would you walk further away than that?

Battery life: 8/10

Sound quality: 6/10

Working distance: 6/10

Panasonic RP-HF410BE-K

Available for €44.95, and 24 uninterrupted hours on a full charge, this headset might just be the pick of the bunch. There’s also the option of a 15-minute quick charge which will give you 150 minutes if you’re in a rush! Sound is decent, though a bit too bass-oriented, and has a working distance of 10m.

Battery life: 9/10

Sound quality: 7/10

Working distance: 7/10

Xiaomi MI True Wireless Earbuds Basic

Priced at €40, these earbuds are quite possibly your best option in terms of buds. Decent battery life, decent sound quality (great for phone calls we’re told) and a distance of 10m is pretty good too.

Battery life: 7/10

Sound quality: 7/10

Working distance: 6/10

Media Tech R-Phones PRO MT3598

If you’re looking for multipurpose, you’d love to hear that these earphones come with a power bank case that can charge your phone too! At €27.75, they’re the best priced on our list, but battery life is at just over 3 hours and sound quality does suffer a little bit.

Battery life: 5/10

Sound quality: 6/10

Working distance: 6/10