Gadgets Approved: 6 Gadgets To Help With Back To School


Now that it’s official and schools are going to be opening their doors soon, we’ve done the rundown on the best gadgets to make that transition somewhat easier.

Make a laptop your top pal

The Asus Cloudbook 14” an excellent laptop for students. Its day-long battery means you don’t need to worry if you’ve forgotten your charger, while the 180° lay-flat hinge screen makes sharing content easier if you’re working on group projects…whenever that happens.


Now that your laptop’s sorted, you’ll need something to carry it around in. These Addison bags are pretty cool, and with different colours to pick from, not to mention options of backpacks or sling-across.

We’re watching!

We’re not actually, but whenever there’s a chance for a “watch” pun…in any case, the Apple Watch SE is the more wallet-friendly option to the Apple Watch Series 6. It’s got the same design as the S6 with an improved S5 dual-core SiP on the inside – perfect for the student who wants to go heavy on the features and light on the price.

The Bat Pack

Battery packs are hardly news these days, but this one we particularly like. Apart from the slim and lightweight design, you can charge two devices simultaneously, and there’s also a safety feature that automatically ends the charging process once you hit 100%. At €25, it’s a pretty nifty price too.

Where’s your head at?

These are confusing days at the best of times in any case, so when you’re in study mode, your best policy is to cancel out all the background noise. There are few better than JBL when it comes to bringing the noise you want to hear, so make these your best study-buds when you need that extra concentration kick. Whether over your head or inside, it’s up to you.

Take Notes

Literally and…well, literally. The Galaxy Tab 6 is perfect in size to slip into any school bag, it’s got some pretty cool features too. You can change note colours, create searchable tags, and you can write directly onto PDF. And if it’s a video lecture, you can adjust your note transparency and keep on top of everything!

Use Protection

Always do, but try to keep all the fun stuff going too. Accidents happen to everyone, which means that these protective phone screens are incredibly useful. Transparent and rigid, they maintain the same characteristics of the original display, both to the touch and the eye.

That’s a wrap from us, but what do you think? What have we missed from the list of essential gadgets that will get you through the scholastic year? Let us know in the comments section, and best of luck to you all!