Our followers had something to say about the Ionic Showerhead


Our Gadgetina recently reviewed the ionic showerhead as part of her mission to give you the coolest, innovative gadgets around.  Following the video’s release, Facebook followers had lots to say about the review with many saying that the showerhead isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

One of our fans questioned Gadgetina’s testing methodology and said that it is rather difficult to determine how much water is consumed using Gadgetina’s testing methods. Can 0.1cm difference really be considered a great saving?

We also had some fans who are ionic showerhead users and expressed their dismay at the showerhead getting easily clogged up. Many others shared similar sentiments.

Although we’ve had some negative opinions surrounding the ionic showerhead review, we still think it can be a super cool gadget and here is why.

Great water pressure

There’s nothing nicer than drenching yourself in a high-pressure shower to wash
your stressful day away. The beads within the showerhead allow for pressure to
build up to achieve consistent, high-pressure – pure bliss!

You’ll Save Money

You can save up to 30% off your water bill. The shower’s high-pressure mechanism delivers water more efficiently – so you don’t have to worry about those ARMS bills! What’s Gadgetina’s take on this? Being energy efficient is a must! Our Facebook fans couldn’t agree less and according to testing, the showerhead is just 5% more efficient.

Takes your stresses away

After a long stressful day, there’s nothing more therapeutic than blissful me time.
And what better way to soak your cares away than with a nice hot shower. Or better
still, a nice hot shower with a massaging showerhead. Yes – the ionic showerhead
includes a massage mode to melt those aches and pains away.

Softer Skin

Want your skin to feel softer and smoother but don’t have time to head to the spa?
The ionic showerhead kills bacteria and reduces chlorine in the water. This moistens
your skin and allows for improved cell activity.
If you’re itching to purchase this item as much as we have been excited to show it to
you, find it on popular online shops like Amazon.