Funky or Freaky? Check Out These LED Facemasks!


Image Source: BBC

While some wondered how to show their mouths from within a face mask, one games developer from California came up with a novel idea. Using LED lights and a microphone, the latter picks up voice patterns and lights the LEDs up into different movements.

Tyler Glaiel was looking for something similar online, but to no avail, so he just went and built it himself, sharing the “how-to” process on Twitter. BBC Tech’s Chris Fox had a go at putting one together, since Glaiel has no commercial interest in producing them. Word of caution though: they do get kind of hot after use, and if you don’t have the same components, it’s not going to be some weekend DIY project.

Mouth movements are pretty limited though, with “O” and “E” being the ones available with Glaiel’s configuration. The main reason was that when trying out different movements, they simply didn’t look right, so he didn’t bother pursuing them further.

Fancy trying it out, get some different shapes in? Here’s the guide and the code, and if you manage, get in touch to show off the finished product!