FRIENDS Reunion Special Set For 2021 😍


Confirmed by none other than Ms. Chanandler Bong herself, via Twitter, it would seem that Friends is ready to begin filming in early March 2021. Of course, they were supposed to start earlier, but 2020 being the year it is, shooting was postponed.

What else do we know?

The original plan was to film with a live audience, but this might have to change, depending on how the coronavirus situation evolves. What’s pretty much certain though, is that filming will take place at the original Stage 24 they used back in the day.

Also, for now there are no plans to bring the New York-based sitcom back as an entire series. Even the one-hour special is not going to be an episode per se. The actors will be on set as themselves, and not portraying their characters. It will be unscripted, so the actors will mostly have free reign, so it will be just as interesting to see what they come up with! Here’s what HBO Max had to say in a statement.

Are you excited to see this stand-alone episode, or will you be watching something else?