Freshers’ Week Possibly to Go Online


You’ve got to feel bad for the kids joining University this year. Freshers’ Week, a global university tradition that dates back over a 100 years, has now been cancelled for safety concerns. For those not in the know, this is a lesson-free period at the start of term where new students get to interact, socialize and take part in activities. Given that it generally attracts crowds, KSU, the University of Malta’s student council has decided to call it off indefinitely.

However, just because the Fresher’s Week we’re familiar with isn’t happening, that doesn’t mean it needs to be cancelled completely. The Internet has proven itself to be a lifesaver. With schools and jobs going remote, why can’t Freshers’ Week?

Virtual Tours

A big part of freshers week is student orientation, giving students the chance to explore the premises. With 360 video technology and VR headsets, students can do this in their own bedroom. They won’t even need to put on trousers. 

Live Stream DJs

Are you the party animal? While you may not be able to let-rip on campus, DJ’s could live-stream on Facebook and give kids something to rave to, even if it means dancing with their own pillow. Any Bay DJ’s ready to take on the challenge?


Freshers’ week has always included politicians visiting and trying to get down with da kidz. Perhaps Robert Abela could embrace hologram technology, and appear, Star Wars style, in every student’s home for a face-to-face chat. Might be a tad expensive…


For most of us ex-students, the main thrill of Fresher’s week was the freebies, be they croissants from Lidl, data upgrades from GO, or even the fancy stationery from BOV. It’s time freebies adapted to lockdown. We suggest that drones should be used to drop goodie-bags to students around Malta. 

Ok, so a couple of these ideas might not be exactly feasible, but we’re sure some form of online activities will be created. KSU also stated that a version of it will be held properly at a later term. 

Overall, it’s a bummer, but at the end of the day, safety is a priority and this time calls for patience and responsibility. Don’t worry kids, you’ve got years of partying and socializing left. Let’s just make sure we get over this bump.