Frampaign you say?! What’s that?!


Gadgets is giving out a Free Marketing Campaign (see what we did there?)  to anyone that was creative enough to launch a website during the Coronavirus era! 

This fully fledged campaign includes a strong mix of Online and TV advertising absolutely FREE!

a) Web Banners

b) Pop-ups 

c) A creative explainer video of your gorgeous website

All you need to do is send us an email explaining the below points;

1. Your website concept along with a brief description 
2. Why you decided to launch this website
3. Explaining why this is helping Maltese businesses 
4. Why you feel you deserve to win this campaign. 

This video will be aired on the Gadgets TV programme which airs every Saturday at 6:15pm (Oh, and we’ll be going prime-time this Summer) on TVM as well as share it on our Facebook page providing you with even more exposure, helping you to reach out to a wider audience! We create content driving real results to your business.

Hurry submissions are closing at the end of July