Four Things That Should Remain After COVID-19


No doubt, the pandemic has shaken things up. But when that happens, some of the old stuff that needed moving on falls, giving space for something better to replace it. Here are four things we hope that even after herd immunity is achieved, stick around!

Hybrid working & online meetings

Hybrid working and remote working have flipped the balance of what we previously thought impossible in terms of work commutes. The idea of getting into your car, or taking a cab, to head to a work or to a work meeting seems like a lifetime away. And long may it be so.

Handshakes were replaced by cameras, and quick meetings were replaced by e-mails. Sure, for some it might be a tad more annoying to have another unread e-mail added to the pile, but it’s always better than 15 minutes of small talk, 5 minutes of the actual meeting, then heading back to work.

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Also, think of the fuel being saved, the traffic jams avoided and the peace your mind and heart find without the hunt for parking.

No risks taken

Since we took a more hands-on approach in terms of protecting ourselves, with hand sanitisers, masks and avoiding points of contact, seasonal flu affected us far less. That’s not to say that it wasn’t out and about, but when people did get sick, they took far fewer risks by going to work anyway.

It doesn’t just stop at physical health either. The pandemic affected everyone in some way or another, which in turn shined a sharper light on mental health issues that are all too regularly swept under the rug. With employers taking a greater interest in the wellbeing of their employees, both mental and physical, it’s absolutely crucial that this remains a must going forward.

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Virtual doctor appointments

We recently also spoke about four advantages of meeting your doctor online. Similar to the above-mentioned online work meetings, there’s no travelling involved here either, except maybe relocating to a quieter room in your house. Quicker referrals, decreased anxiety and added privacy all add to the “please yes” column here.

About health…

Why just stop with doctor’s appointments though? Why not have the option of as many online national healthcare as feasibly possible? Think of the calls, waiting time and needless paperwork that could be saved! In fact, we spoke with MITA about their digital application for the COVID-19 vaccine and well…here’s hoping it’s taken further than just this pandemic!

What good things have happened since the pandemic that you hope stick around? Tell us in the comments!