Four Advantages Of Meeting Your Doctor Online


Family dinners, dates, work, post-work drinks, interviews…there are all activities that since the pandemic have been taken to the digital world. One online trend that absolutely must go on is that of doctor appointments, and here’s why.

No travel, no distance, no problem

The influx of cars in Malta means that getting anywhere takes way longer than it should. And when you do eventually reach your destination, there’s the small matter of finding a parking space. That’s legal. And you actually fit. Within walking distance.

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Just your average local jam…

Taking your consultation online removes all of the above as you get to stay in the comfort of your own home…or wherever you happen to be! In summary, you don’t need to travel, which saves you time, money and stress.

Because privacy matters

There are two aspects to this. There’s privacy in terms of online privacy, in the sense that your details will always remain secure. The other is the literal sense of privacy, that you have a medical appointment, and there’s no risk of bumping into someone you know.

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There’s also a sense of comfort to be had in discussing health concerns from your own home. And speaking of home comforts, there’s no waiting room drama. No risk of infection from other patients, no need for small talk with people you barely know. What’s not to like?

Get referrals quicker

Most online medical centres will have a variety of specialists and practitioners on call. This means that if the GP needs to refer you to someone within the same organisation, they can do so a lot quicker. Prescriptions can be done digitally, usually via an app or message

Less anxiety

Some people might not feel comfortable going out for something so personal, causing an intense anxious reaction. Known as agoraphobia, it can result in feeling trapped, panicked, embarrassed and/or scared. An online appointment can counteract this, as the patient is in the safety of their home instead.

So, while the pandemic may have disrupted our lives in ways we’d never imagined, there are still plenty of positives to take! You can get online medical consultation through, and save yourself time, money and a world of trouble to boot.

Have you ever used online medical services? If not, what’s stopping you?