5 Signs That You Are Addicted to Fortnite

Fortnite Featured Image

We have all heard of it. The online video game developed by Epic Games that has taken the world by storm with over 125 million players from around the globe – Fortnite. Here are the top 5 signs that you are addicted to Fortnite:

You find yourself playing Fortnite wherever you go

Who wants to play fortnite?Since Fortnite is an online game available on WindowsmacOSPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo SwitchiOS and Android devices – there are plenty of opportunities to access this game 24/7.

You yell ‘You were supposed to cover me’ several times a day

Cover MeThe game allows the option of playing in teams to eliminate other online players; it’s uber frustrating when your friend in your squad lets you down by not covering you from opposing players and gets you eliminated!

You do the Carlton dance for no apparent reason

Carlton DanceDevelopers of Fortnite have added user-created dances such as the Carlton dance to the game, allowing characters to perform these dances and mark them with hashtags. In fact, former ‘Fresh Prince of Belair’ star Alfonso Ribeiro recently filed a lawsuit against Epic Games claiming the developers copied his trademark dance moves. Dance-off anyone?

Unexplained wrist-pain

Wrist painIf you’re experiencing unexplained wrist pain, you might be suffering from Carpel-Tunnel syndrome from too much Fortnite gaming – It is claimed that Fortnite addict baseball player David Price had to miss a baseball game due to this.

You’re maxing out credit cards buying V-Bucks

Shut up and take my MoneyKeeping your Fortnite avatar cool comes at a price – and a hefty one at that with every new outfit being costing V-Bucks which can only be purchased by giving credit card or PayPal details.

How many of these boxes did you tick? Let us know in the comment section below.