Foreign Experts Joins Forces With Malta Enterprise To Help Start-Ups Flourish


Thousands of businesses start up every year in Malta, but not many of them reach the desired targets. There is a whole wide gap between chasing a dream, working for that dream and market it accordingly to convince potential customers that they need your product or service.

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Even if you’ve studied business, or know all the essential marketing tools to put yourself out there, still, there is so much more to kick your business to optimum and make it successful. So, letting the experts guide you through it, is the intelligent way forward for any aspiring entrepreneur.

There is help out there; use it.

The good news is that there is lots of help out there. Malta Enterprise has been a center point when it comes to funding and providing assistance to start-up businesses.

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The even greater news? Israeli-company VentureRocket has just partnered up with Malta Enterprise, launching VentureRocket Malta.

Who are these guys?

VentureRocket is an ecosystem management service to help start-ups build an innovative and sustainable platform through consultation, financing, and providing the necessary tools for start-ups to flourish.

Israeli start-ups specialists launch VentureRocket Malta | The Malta  Business Weekly
Venture Rocket CEO Asaf Yosifov

By joining forces with stronghold Malta Enterprise, VentureRocket Malta will not just help kick-off potential local start-ups but also assist them in actualising their full potential within their respective market.

Want your start-up business to flourish? Get the help you need and get that ball rolling