Ford’s Next-Gen is Literally Tal-Ġenn


It’s no secret that we Maltese love our cars, and over time we get to know each and every aspect of them. Which roads they like; which hills they enjoy ambling down, unfortunately, however, it’s mostly a one-way relationship. But what if change is around the bend? We received an invite from Ford to hear about their brand-new Mustang Mach-E, and here’s all you need to know!

It’s about to get personal

But in a good way. First of all, it’s going to be an all-electric Mustang. Purists might not hold it as close to heart, but the reality is that the world is changing and we need to change with it. On the tech side, it’s next-generation SYNC tech allows it to make recommendations to the driver based on previous trips. So, if you make regular calls or stops, they’ll be suggested to you to ensure you don’t forget. There’s also cabin colour and lighting settings, pre-configuration of driving modes and more, to make sure this is your most personal driving experience yet.

And there’s nothing to worry about if there’s more than one driver. The Mach-E will recognise the smartphone or key fob of the approaching driver and can prepare the driving mode as you open the door. All you need to do is set up a profile from where you can save favourite and frequent locations (including charging stations), and setting up is easy. It can either be done online or from the FordPass app. Once you finish setting up, you can just walk to your car and with the settings all set via cloud, you avoid all the annoying “first-time-set-up” folly and just drive away.

In summary, the longer you own the vehicle, and the more you drive it, the more it gets to know you, and the easier it becomes to drive!

What’s in the cabin?

Your main point of reference (aside from the steering wheel) is a 15.5-inch full HD touch screen display. It’s user-friendly, uncomplicated and of course, smart. It can run multiple apps at once, meaning that if you receive a call whilst navigating, you can answer without missing your next turn and delivering your choicest Maltese words.

The real smart tech however is that the vehicle system is conversational. Therefore, you don’t need to remember the train of commands to tap into the screen, you can ask your Mach-E, and it’ll do the rest. The system understands 15 European languages, but not Maltese. Could you imagine the poor thing trying to understand the 4th variation of “mela” within the same sentence?

Going back to the display, it’s large enough (and cool enough) to handle both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto at the same time. It also supports Waze and Webex, delivering a deeper integration between smart vehicle and smartphone.

Who’s in charge? You are!

This might be the most practical vehicle when it comes to charging. You can pay using the FordPass app, 80% charge takes less than 40 minutes, and Mach-E drivers will have the largest charging network in Europe available. The app also allows you to plan your route with charging stops along the way, while ensuring you have enough charge to complete the journey.

Aside from literal charging, you’re also in charge of the information that’s made available to Ford. Once you consent and they use the information to make your driving experience better, you can opt-out when you want. Also, if you decide to sell, it’s easy to wipe all your data from the vehicle.

The big plan is to have future Ford models use the same smart technology across the board, but of course, we’re still not sure when that might happen. Just rest assured that it will.