For a Better Tomorrow: WasteServ’s Green Careers


Don’t we all want a career that matters? WasteServ Malta launches a series of careers that work towards a better planet and a more sustainable future.

Lead by example. The European Union currently stands at the forefront to promote and implement a more sustainable global economy, as it motivates its Member States to engage accordingly.

Hence, Green Careers are the new way forward as WasteServ opens its doors to exciting job opportunities that seek to implement effective waste management practices; a praised holistic approach towards a more sustainable Malta.

Green job openings

The exciting new job opportunities offered by WasteServ range from guru engineers, to science geeks, to environmental managers. And yes! Creative architects are also wanted on board and will play a key role in re-planning
unused and uncared for public spaces.

The idea is to restore these spaces into green areas, with the planting of indigenous species, paved pathways and other amenities that are both environmentally and community-friendly.

Do you love the environment and want a job that matters? Check out WasteServ’s Green Careers.