Fitness Apps & YouTube Channels To Help You Get Fit 💪


We’ve already ticked one week off of the new year, and well…it’s been eventful. Nevertheless, how many of us have fitness-related goals or resolutions? Well, tech is here to help! The Gadgets team has picked through various fitness apps and YouTube channels that you can follow to help you reach your intended goals!

Running away

Map My Run is one of the best rated running apps on both Apple and Android phones. It’s not just limited to running though, which is why it makes our list. You can add activities such as cycling, walking, yoga and cross-training among plenty of others, while accurately analysing your data.

Time to build

Available on Apple and Android, Home Workout has 4.9 and 4.8 ratings respectively. With no equipment required, this app will guide you with easy-to-follow video workouts, and will provide daily reminders to make sure you stick to your self-made promises!

Your new pal

MyFitnessPal is an app supported by sportswear giant Underarmour. With it, you can plan your diet along with your workouts – choose your ultimate goal of weight loss, gain or maintenance, and get cracking! Get it on Apple and Google PlayStore.

Like an athlete

ATHLEAN-X is headed by Jeff Cavaliere, a strength and fitness coach who’s trained baseball and NFL superstars and actors. However, there’s something for almost everyone on his YouTube channel. Beginners, pros and in-betweeners all find a home there, and he offers gym or home workout options, depending on your preferences.

Low intensity, no treadmill

If you’re either looking to start, or maybe continue where you left off months ago (it’s fine, it happens to most of us, trust us on that one), then Walk At Home is the channel for you. If you can look past the cheesy smiles, these are actually fun workouts that will help you get in shape, and there are varieties of 10, 15, 20 and even 30-minute walks.

Dance off!

Some of us might want to have a bit more fun with our workouts, while still achieving results. Take a look at Jessica Smith’s channel for cardio-based exercises that involved music, or Caleb Marshall aka The Fitness Marshall. The latter option is a lot more dance-focused, where you’ll not only improve your fitness, you might add some new dance moves to your arsenal too!

Will you be using any of these in 2021? Suggest your own in the comments!

Always approach fitness training responsibly: challenge your limits but don’t overstretch them to the point of injury, and always consult professionals before embarking on such a journey.