Faster Banking As BOV Aims To GO All-Digital


The internet has made the world smaller in how it connects people through one common platform. The concept of time and space has changed; from millennials to older generations, most are now opting to do most of their purchases and transactions online. Definitely – the need for each company and entity to go digital is obvious and will become a must to keep up with the efficiency of any kind of service offered.

BOV is moving with the times and has just launched BOV2023 – a future planned enhancement that will see the bank’s digital service go up some notches within the coming years.

Powered by GO

BOV chose GO as their service provider for their implementation of this metro ethernet technology – meaning a point-to-point connection service over a metropolitan area network.

As BOV’s Chief Technology officer Joseph Agius says GO has both fiber and copper networks across all Malta, and therefore GO is the most equipped to support, adapt and build such digital infrastructures that can support a wide variety of digital options.

‘Bank Faster, Bank Digital’

The system will not only allow the bank to provide a better internal network between BOV’s several branches, therefore improving internal communication, but most importantly it will improve digital accessibility for most BOV services; so businesses and clients can execute their bank transactions’ needs from the comfort of their homes.

BOV’s main strategic plan finally aims to shift logistics from the more traditional to the more digital ways to bank; suiting and responding to a wide variety of banking needs which clients can make use of, without the need to having to go physically go to the bank.