Fashion Stylist & Blogger Opens Her Own Online Store!


Starting out as a simple early-COVID discussion, Caroline Paris’ mon éclat has now come to fruition. “Back then some of us had a little bit more time on our hands, and I’ve always dreamed of having my own little boutique,” she told us. But as a fashion stylist, why go for jewellery as opposed to clothes?

Sparkle & Shine

The name literally translates to “my shine”, and for anyone who knows Caroline, it’s a very fitting choice of name. A firm believer in people shining brightest from within while remaining true to their spirit, her online store allows you to do just that. “Time is precious, and if people want to avoid traffic, parking hassle and the like, going online is the way to go”. She’s also a techie at heart, so taking off online was a natural step for her too.

Jewellery always fits, and honestly, you can never really have enough! Even now, I still see items in other shops that I want to buy!

Setting up online

Owing to her familiarity with the software industry and running her blog for 8 years now, any challenges faced were not out of reach, she told us. Isn’t it a bit risky to only be present online? “People already shop online for groceries, clothes and like every day, so buying online is only going to increase”. And with COVID disrupting traditional shopping patterns, this was the perfect time to set up a virtual presence.

Word from the wise

If you’re looking to follow in Caroline’s footsteps, here’s her advice to you: “Read, read, and read some more!” Know as much as possible about the product you intend to sell, read tutorial and make every day an opportunity to learn.