Ex-Chamber Of Commerce President On Sustainability: “Let’s Be Ahead Of The Curve”


Sustainability has become a buzzword for many, leading to its overuse, misuse, and occasional misunderstanding. However, as David Xuereb, the former Chamber of Commerce President stated, it’s time we wake up from the slumber we find ourselves in and truly embrace sustainable practices for what they are.

Be leaders & do what’s right

Using the Green Deal platform to share his thoughts, Xuereb was very clear in what he feels Malta should be doing. “We want to be ahead of the curve, in taking leadership, doing what is right and ensuring that the word sustainability forms an integral part of our economy’s business plans”, he explained.

This also extends to personal choices made in our lives outside of work, and if we put all of this together, then there’s a real opportunity for the country to make some giant steps forward in terms of real sustainability. We also need to draw inspiration from innovators working on low carbon solutions, Xuereb further insisted, while also remarking that it’s time education got a bit of an update.

The general public needs to better understand the climate change action making differences to everyone, but also appreciate the professionals enabling us to lead the way and be ready for the change that is happening now.

Want to hear everything Xuereb had to say? Check out the video below!