Europe’s Consumer Tech Show Gets The Go-Ahead As A Real-Life Event


Many tech and industry trade shows events are being cancelled or going virtual, however this isn’t the case for IFA 2020. The largest European annual electronics event will be happening and you can attend in flesh and bones.

The Gadgets team are big fans of the IFA and have been going to this big tech event for the past 10 years. At this popular event Ian and Rachel managed to get their hands on the hottest tech before them being released on the market like the JBL portable speakers back in the day, and the Samsung fold. IFA has always helped us keep our viewers informed. 
Since the pandemic has hit the whole world there have been many rumours that the IFA will not be taking place this year however the debatable news has just been released that the IFA has reinvented itself as a three day event – from 3rd to 5th September – with a tight limit on the number of attendees

Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive Director took this decision after the authorities have limited the number of participants at events to 5,000 people. He added that health and safety are the number one priority and must always come first. He also went on to explain how important this global stage is for brands and manufacturers to launch new products ahead of the holiday season. He believes this is beneficial to the global economy and must go ahead.

“After all the event cancellations during the past months, our industry urgently needs a platform where it can showcase its innovation, so that it can recover and rebound,” said Heithecker. “The recovery of our industry starts here.”

Although limited to only a select few – IFA is preparing a Digital Hub this year which gives everyone the opportunity to be part of the world’s most significant consumer electronics trade show remotely. Ian one of Gadgets’ hosts believes this to be a courageous move by IFA, ”what will affect the attendance is whether the situation will be better in September and if international flights will be functioning or not.” 

Whilst Martina from Gadgets is rather sceptical and would rather everyone be more cautious  ‘‘Although they are claiming that they are putting health and safety first they are still bringing a few thousands of people from all over the world together and stuffing them in one city.  This is just an obvious way of asking the disease to start spreading again. We need to wait and see especially since many health professionals claim there will be a second wave of the pandemic at the start of September, bang on when this event is set to take place.”

Planning is now well underway for a different type of IFA however we are sure this will be as special as always. We can’t wait to see what will be displayed and unveiled to the market this year.