Safe, Secure EU Digital Identity Promises To Make Life Easier for Europeans


There are 2 challenges that such a vast, globalised world and its bureaucratic processes present.

One. We share lots of personal information through our many purchases and subscriptions – both offline and online, and we share anything from our home address to bank card details. This personal data will probably be forever stored within company intranets or the big white cloud that is the internet.

Two. With so much data shared on each and every platform, it is extremely hard to keep track of the platforms that own your personal info. It’s also hard to keep tabs of the way that each platform has to be constantly updated with any changes to your personal information.

What is the EU Digital Identity?

Digital identity for all Europeans

The European Union’s recent announcement of a Digital Identity addresses these issues. This tool will be available to all EU citizens, meaning that individuals and business entities will be able to use this e-identity as a common platform for online/offline public and private use across every EU member state.

E-identities will be operated and accessed via digital wallets, mobile apps, and other digital devices.

All Hail… Data Protection

Data protection and choosing what to share is increasingly becoming a priority, both for internet users and business owners who receive daily scams or fall victim to bank card fraud. Once launched, the Digital Identity will see users have one safe platform where they can control the personal data they’re happy to share and the data that they’d rather keep private.

Save me some time

What is so great about this e-identity is that it creates a one-stop-shop for both EU citizens and businesses alike in order to have easy and legitimate access to any needed information.

For example, if you are an EU citizen and you apply for a bank account in another EU country, instead of having to face all the complex verification processes, you would be already verified officially through your digital platform.

Citizens can also use this service to subscribe to other services in any EU country, which of course saves time and energy. More importantly, your personal information, rather than having to be provided to multiple platforms, would be safeguarded by one single, secure platform – the European Digital Identity.

Are you interested in knowing more? Visit the European Commission’s platform for more details.