Esplora Turns 7! Celebrating 7 Years of Scientific Excellence


Esplora is proud to announce that their Interactive Science Centre first opened its doors to a world of wonder and discovery seven years ago! An amazing journey of scientific inquiry and community participation has unfolded since that historic day, with Gadgets showcasing their wide range of events and exhibitions. From seeing how everything works behind the scenes of over 200 interactive exhibits, that have captured the imagination of curious minds of all ages, to participating in their highly interactive and fun exhibits and events, such as CSI at Esplora. 

There’s a celebration, and you’re invited!

Esplora is having their 7th year anniversary celebration, and is extending their invitation for everyone to join them for a two-day celebration on the 18th and 19th of November between 9 am and 5 pm. This special event is dedicated to the esteemed visitors who have been the heart and soul of the mission to bring the magic of science to communities.

Here’s why you should attend Esplora’s 7 year celebration event

During the two-day celebration, the Esplora team are thrilled to bring together environmental NGOs, dedicated researchers, and scientists who work tirelessly to find innovative solutions for a sustainable future. If you have ever wondered about practical ways to reduce your carbon footprint, learn about the latest advancements in climate science, and engage with local research initiatives aimed at preserving the planet, then it’s something that shouldn’t be missed!

Esplora is without a doubt an integral part of the community, hosting numerous events and outreach programs aimed at spreading the love of science, visiting local schools, engaging with eager young students, and also visiting elderly homes, bringing the joy of science to older generations. Esplora’s mission is to make science accessible to all, and the unwavering support of the community has been the driving force behind the journey.

Gadgets extends its heartfelt congratulations to Esplora on reaching its impressive seven-year milestone. As fellow enthusiasts in the realm of discovery and innovation, Gadgets commends Esplora for their commitment to sustainability, education, and the joy of scientific exploration!