Escape COVID-19 NOW!


Back in November the Gadgets team took on one of the best team building activities out there, an Escape Room by Can You Escape? (Fgura). This was founded by Riccardo and Jeanice who are two Escape Room junkies and their passion for the game is clear for all to see as soon as you meet them. 

Escape Rooms are an exciting, fun and entertaining activity targeted at challenging your mind and bringing people together helping to build teamwork and communication skills. The team was locked into a room with very minimal information provided. We had to work together as a team, look around the room to find clues and escape within a set time limit. 

Fast forward a couple of months – no one would have ever guessed we’d be trapped (pun intended) in our own homes unsure of when we will return to life as we knew it. However Riccardo and Jeanice have given us all the opportunity to stimulate our brains and ensure we keep sharp by launching an escape room virtually. 

The online game might not be as loud and expressive as actually being trapped together in one of their many different themed rooms with your friends and colleagues, however, we’re fortunate to have the next best thing thanks to modern day technology.

The game is made up of sound, video, text and image files which require you to perform tasks and solve puzzles in order to escape. The game can be played solo, with friends and family, or even remotely through video calls as a way to catch up with friends. We recommend playing in teams of 2-4 players however it can also be played alone or with larger groups. The game should last 2 players anywhere between 15-25 minutes. Obviously the more brains playing should result in a shorter game time – unless you tend to confuse each other more!

Best part about this is Escape Room is that it is absolutely FREE. Riccardo and Jeanice are so passionate about escape rooms that they want to ensure that fellow escape room addicts continue to get their fix of fun and get distracted from current global pandemic by trying to find a cure for COVID-19 – we really hope someone finds this soon!

If you wish to give it a shot, fill in this 10-second application form > The game will be delivered to you by email within 24-Hours.