Maltese AI Startup EBO Opens a New Office in the UK


The Maltese startup EBO founded by Dr. Gege Gatt opens a new office in the UK. Around six months ago, EBO started working on artificial intelligence, and are now scaling up their operations oversees.

EBO offers advanced chatbots for businesses that, according to Dr. Gege Gatt, help “…companies streamline their operations and then provide the technical muscle – through Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning – to augment their labour force.” Which in turn means lower costs for companies, and better automation of repetitive and basic tasks.

The UK Office will be under their Group Commercial Director, Mr. Rhys Powell. When asked about how he believes EBO is promoting growth, he said:

“First it creates a new virtual workforce for our customers. Second it enhances the skills and abilities of their existing workforce. Third it drives economic growth.”

Mr. Rhys Powell with Dr. Gege Gatt
Mr. Rhys Powell with Dr. Gege Gatt

EBO’s UK subsidiary aims to help them keep close to their core market and retain a European character in their growth. Apart from this, hopefully the expansion could also potentially inspire more startups to look beyond our shores for business opportunities.

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