This Simple Trick Will Double Your Battery Life on iPhone and Android

charging dead phone

Even though technology keeps advancing on the daily and new tech is released often, one thing seems to be left behind when creating new gadgets that make your life easier.

Battery life. The battery on your smartphone is one of the most important things on your smartphone, yet, rarely are we seeing smartphones that have all the bells and whistles and can withstand a day of heavy use, as they see at the Gadgets HQ.

If you are experiencing horrible battery life on your smartphone, here is a step you can take on iOS and Android to remove the apps that consume most battery, yet are used least.


Head to the settings app from your home screen. After doing this scroll down to general, just below the do not disturb tab. After entering the general tab, right below accessibility there should be a tab called iPhone storage, press this. After your apps load up and you are given info on the usage of your apps, look for a last used date for the apps and delete or offload the apps that you haven’t used in a while.

iOS battery life saving tips


Start by heading to the Play Store, after this, click the tab at the top left and press My apps & games. After doing this, press installed from on top and then sort by last used and scroll to the bottom. This will give you a good indication on the apps that you don’t use frequently so you will delete them and save battery life.

Android battery life saving


What are some other problems you find with your smartphone? Let us know in the comments below so we can help you solve them!