Don’t Hate The Chef, Hate The Dish (If You Have To)


By now you’ve surely heard of Doris, her husband Joel, and some questionable recipes that have made their way into local meme folklore. While poking fun and making puns is absolutely encouraged, attacking the person is where you lose the plot.

After hate, comes love

While there’s very little chance this writer will try the recipes posted thus far, there’s no need for hate. And if the local meme-chiefs felt the need to spread this message, it tells you all you need to know about the matter.

Of course, the second part is that sometimes not only are the jokes intentionally hurtful, they’re repetitive. At least the only person being original in the whole equation, is Doris herself.

Another person showing Doris full support is the mayor of Kalkara, where she’s a resident. Here’s the mayor’s message in full:

For our English readers, the mayor said that although anything posted online is in the public domain and therefore open for criticism, bullying in any shape or form should not be tolerated. After all, she started this cooking channel in a bid to help lonely people get through the pandemic with some new recipes. And as she said herself, if it’s not to your liking, just watch something else.

In fact, this comment is probably one of those that led to her turning comments off on her YouTube videos. Thanks for spoiling the fun.

As someone said: “Give Lord Doom Hammer the Lord Ban Hammer”

What do you think of Doris’ cooking? Is she already 2021’s Meme Queen? Let us know in the comments!