Do you struggle to manage your finances? This app will keep your money in check!


The award-winning CCTrader finance app has been designed to ensure you keep yourself up-to-date with all your financial positions. It is the only app in Malta which offers the service of managing all of your investments and accounts from your Smartphone and which provides a 24/7 customer service. So, here is why this software needs to be on your app list.

Withdraw and deposit in a jiffy

With the CCTrader app, you can withdraw and deposit anytime, anywhere for free. This allows you to easily manage your investments and your finances wherever you are.

Real-live trading

We have all heard of the benefits of investing and generating a regular return on investment. CCTrader provides the opportunity to do that, it is the only app in the world that connects directly to the Malta stock exchange and allows you to buy and sell instantly. With this app, you can manage all your investments and trades in real-time. The app even allows you to trade the popular local bonds and shares, such as government bonds and stocks of Borza ta’ Malta.

Generates financial reports

Profit and loss calculations become a thing of the past with this app since it can also create a gain and loss analysis report. Additionally, you can easily view your cash statement, investment portfolio, income reports and tax certificates. So you never have to worry about financial reports again.

Buy and sell international stocks

Comfortable and convenient, the app allows you to buy and sell financial instruments from 40 global stock exchanges with ease. The local and international tools include shares, bonds, investments funds and savings. The app even offers foreign exchanges services.

Manage your finances anywhere, anytime

With the app, you have full visibility of your finances anywhere and anytime. You can follow, alter and improve your investment potential even if you’re on holiday or just stuck in traffic. It provides live push notification if there is any movement on your account and you can also create your own customised price alerts.

One tap customer care

You can get in touch with customer care 24/7 over the phone or online through Calamatta Cuschieri’s live chat. For more information about this beneficial app and how it can help you manage your finances, visit