Do The Robot: Maltese Boy Invents A New Dish Cleaner


Age is no limit to creativity or invention, and let no one tell you otherwise. 9-year-old Daniel Mifsud told his mum that he was going to wash the dishes – nothing unusual, while she expected to hear the dishwasher start. Instead, the lad came up with this.

Using the motor in a Lego Mindstorms EV3 set and his own imagination, he put together a device that helps you clean your dishes. As his mum mentions in the video though, there’s the option to use it as a mechanical egg beater, but he’s also moulding it into an electric toothbrush. Not that you need to hear it from us, but this kid is going places.

One thing of note to take from this is that Daniel isn’t too fond of writing, drawing or reading, but he’s creative this way. Parents and guardians should take note of this, because there is more to knowledge than just books and studies. Important though they may be, inspiration hides in the most unexpected of places, and it should always be cherished and encouraged.

What cool creations did you come up with back in your day? We’re sure that some of you were masters of craft back in the day, so we want to celebrate your childhood creations. And to Daniel, keep going and may your limits be your own.