Make Sure to Do These 6 Things Before Selling Your Phone

steps to take before selling your smartphone

With all the new, groundbreaking smartphones being released every day, there is no doubt that you have considered an upgrade to your current smartphone. But when selling your smartphone, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. First of all, your smartphone has loads of extremely valuable information about you and your loved ones. On the other hand, you also have a large number of photos and videos that you aren’t willing to share with whoever buys your old phone. So here is a list of things you need to do, before listing your phone on your e-market of choice.

Remove your SIM and SD card

These are two important pieces of hardware that store very sensitive information. Your SIM card is what allows you to take calls at your number and is associated with you and your data plan. Not every phone or tablet has an SD card slot, although if yours does, please be sure to remove this before shipping it out or meeting the potential buyer.

remove sim card SD card

Backup all your data

This includes photos, videos, passwords, application information and so much more. If your data is associated with your Google account, your contacts, calendar and email will be fully backed up on the Google cloud. This means that as soon as the new phone is booted up, that important information will be automatically synchronised with your new phone. In the case that you didn’t use Google’s services to backup on the cloud, usually phones come with a software that allows you to backup all data and files, locally.

backup your phone

Factory reset your phone

After backing up all your information and data, head over to your phone’s settings and look for factory reset. This will set up your smartphone again as a new phone, forgetting all settings and data that have ever been inputted into your phone.

factory reset your phone

Gather your accessories

Grab every accessory that you received with the phone, or bought from third-party companies. This could bring up the value of your smartphone and even give you an edge over other people selling the phone without accessories or the box itself. A measure to take when buying a new smartphone is to make sure to keep all accessories and plastic wrapping in the box of your smartphone.

box smartphone with accessories

Gather paperwork

This is something you must do with every single device you buy that could be resold. When buying a smartphone or gadget from abroad, you receive a receipt and guarantee (if applicable) by email. This will safeguard you from faults in the device where you aren’t to blame.

Clean device and take some photos for the listing

Grab your smartphone and take a microfibre cloth to it and pick up all the specs of dust and try and make it look brand new. Make sure to get a shot of the phone from every angle, to ensure that you won’t get messages asking for photos from different angles. This will help people click on your listing more effectively. Always show your smartphone in the best shape possible.


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